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Prevent Yellow Armpit Stains

June 16th, 2015 Comments off

It is starting to warm up in New York and we know what that means – humidity and sweat!
Recently we received a question from one of our clients and he asked how to get rid of armpit stains.  After some research, we wrote a quick summary on preventing and zapping away the yellow annoyance.


Contrary to popular beliefs, it’s not your sweat itself that causes yellow stains. Most experts agree that aluminum ingredient used in antiperspirants in combination with sweat cause the yellow stains.  So, it is important to choose a deodorant that does not contain aluminum.  From our research, following brands do not contain aluminum and they are all under $5.

a. Arm and Hammer Natural

b. Tom’s of Maine Original Care Natural

c. Old Spice High Endurance


Top method to ridding armpit stains is a combination of hydrogen peroxide, water and baking soda.

Please do not use bleach or hot water. Bleach will actually darken the stains because it reacts with the proteins in sweat and the hot water or heat from the dryer will set the stains.

Video below uses OxiClean, which is basically hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and water.

Video below shows a combination of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, water and Palmolive.

If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in your kitchen, it is probably easier to purchase OxiClean.

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A. West CyberMonday Offer

January 28th, 2015 Comments off

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving spending time with your family and friends. Our CyberMonday deal is here. You will get 25% off your order; please use promotion code, PC360822, during checkout.

Valid for 24 hours. Expires at 11 AM EST, Tuesday.


If you came by our showroom and have not used our online e-commerce website, we have all of your measurement and style information saved in your online profile. Please click here to log in. (Please use the newsletter email address and if you do not know your password, please click “Forgot Your Password?”)


This offer is valid only for existing AW clients. One order limit per AW client.

Estimated delivery is between 5 and 7 weeks for CyberMonday Sale orders.

You may change your previously saved measurement and style info. If you want to modify your order, please email and explain the changes.

Valid for 24 hours only. Offer ends at 11:00 AM EST Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014. If you have any questions, please email

Any changes to the order must be received by 5 PM Tuesday, December 2, 2014.

No Refunds and this offer does not apply to Gift Cards or to previous orders.

Happy Holidays from Alexander West!!!

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A. West Black Friday: 2 Shirts or 1 Pants for $0.0

January 28th, 2015 Comments off

Our Black Friday Sale is here, and in addition to shirts, we are including pants this year. Buy any 3 shirts this Black Friday Weekend (Fri 11/28 – Sun 11/30/14) and you will get either 2 FREE shirts or 1 custom pants.


OPTION A – 2 Free Shirts
Buy any 3 full price shirts on our website from Friday, November 28th until the end of Sunday, November 30th, and receive 1 White Pinpoint “Milk” AND 1 Light Blue End-on-End “Park Avenue” custom shirts ($290 total value) with your order.

OPTION B – 1 Custom Pants
If you choose the Custom Pants option, please email us at when you make your order and we will send you the custom pants voucher ($375 value), which needs to be redeemed at the Alexander West showroom.

It’s that simple and it is that great!!!

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