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The Client List…

May 24th, 2011 Comments off

You know that old saying “Behind every great man, is a greater woman.”
At Alexander West, we’d like to think “Behind every great shirt, is an intriguing man.” While there may be popular best seller shirts, no customer is alike.  From careers, style, personal interest, and hobbies, each client is unique as a Zebra’s stripes. AW kicks off the summer with its “personal and inquisitive” client profile. Profiling a different client each week and sharing with our audience the intrigue behind the AW clientele.

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May 11th, 2011 Comments off

Women in their Fifth Avenue best and men slick as the Chrysler building all convened promptly at Sotheby’s on York Avenue. Like NYC’s Fashion Week, the crowds are intimidating but the aura a bit more refined with whispers of Jeff Koons, Frank Stella, Sam Francis, Warhol, and Lichtenstein penetrated the air. Dealers, curators, collectors alike dutifully took their seats with tickets and catalog in hand. A large flat screen shows the auctioneers desk at the third floor viewing room, while the main floor cautiously sets up for the first lot to be sold.

The Contemporary Art evening began with Rudolf Stingel, Untitled 1956 and made its way through 60 featuring notable works of art by Cindy Sherman, William DeKooning, Frank Stella, and Jean-Michel Basquiat to list a few.  An impressive bid of $16million dollars for Jeff Koons Pink Panther sculpture, while Warhol racks in a not too shabby $18 million for his Sixteen Jackies on silkscreen. The room was well mannered with  breaks of controlled laughter  from the auctioneers modest comments as he waved his arms like a conductor orchestrating a tight ensemble.  Dignitaries and aficionados from around the world kept their eyes on fellow bidders while their eyes moved around like a wall clock with large cat eyes. Even if you’re not a collector, this is one NY experience to encounter.  A combination of high fashion, high art, controlled humor and the only thing that’s loose is the sound of dollars fluctuating across the room.

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All the Right Notes

May 9th, 2011 Comments off

It’s difficult to find a venue or a restaurant where one can ease into the evening without feeling rushed. Pay the check, hail a cab, who’s got the tickets, is there time for dessert, will there be a bar… common questions busy city dwellers ask when you plan an evening involving a show.  Luckily we stumbled upon City Winery edging at the border of Tribeca. City Winery is founded by Michael Dorf, the mastermind behind The Knitting Factory. Infusing his passion for wines and music this venue certainly hits the right notes on many levels.

Set prominently on the corner of Varick Street, this spacious yet rustic venue boasts a cross between a rustic farm and an earthy urban loft. With 21,000 square feet, they certainly take advantage of every space. From private events, to concerts, one can even own their own barrel and bottle your own wine.  Have no fear, classes and instructions are facilitated by their expert wine makers who will guide you from grape varietals to fermentation catered to your own schedule.

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