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This Weekend in NY – The POP UP FLEA

June 25th, 2009

    If you are in or around New York City this weekend, stop by The Pop Up Flea for all sorts of cool menswear goodness from Billykirk, Mark McNairy, Hattan, Alexander West, One Trip Pass, Alexander Olch, Aether, Aprix, 3Sixteen, Gitman Brothers Vintage, C’H’C’M and a few surprises. Food will be on offer from the fine folks at Cafe Select. You can also get a wet shave and an old school cut from Tommy Guns.

    Curators: Randy Goldberg (Urban Daddy) and Michael Williams (A Continuous Lean)

    Location: OpenHouse Gallery at 201 Mulberry St.

    Time: Friday 4-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 11-7p


    The fashion blogs are excited about this event.  Read what the following fashion blogs are saying:

    Men Style, A Continuous Lean, Get Kempt, Jake Davis, Racked, Secret Forts, The Scout Mag

    Get Handsome at the Pop Up Flea

    Get Handsome at the Pop Up Flea

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