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Our Story

At times, the best ideas arise out of necessity. After working at a Wall Street investment bank for several years, I felt it was time to give my wardrobe a luxury upgrade. The first thing on the list was my fleet of dress shirts – no more regular stock from Brooks Brothers, it was time to advance into the elite echelon of sartorial apparel.

However, after several trips to Madison Avenue boutiques, I discovered that a great-fitting shirt matching my 16.5-inch neck & 38-inch chest just didn’t exist. As a last resort, I opted to go the customized route – a decision that led me into another quandary. On one hand, I came across reputed tailors quoting extravagant prices that bordered on the ridiculous. The other option was dealing with offshore tailors who set up shop in US hotels every six months or so. This option also left much to be desired; the most noticeable flaws were their sub par dedication to customer service and poor workmanship standards.

Faced with this veritable cul-de-sac, the idea for Alexander West custom shirts was born. Our aim is to offer high quality, custom-made dress shirts, and superb customer care to the metropolitan professional. We are pleased to welcome you to the Alexander West experience. - A.W.

Who We Are

Alexander West™ is a Manhattan-based clothier specializing in the finest custom-tailored shirts, custom tuxedo shirts, ties and exquisite yet unique cufflinks. There is a remarkable difference immediately perceptible when a man wears a dress-shirt that actually fits, and this refined effect is only achieved by graduating from “off-the-rack” shopping and entering into the world of bespoke clothing.

Alexander West shirts are woven from premium cottons (including Thomas Mason and Alumo fabrics), and feature exquisite mother of pearl buttons, personal monogramming, and precise, detail-conscious craftsmanship. If you’re a singular individual seeking to liberate yourself from the mundane and ordinary, you’ve come to the right place.

Our sole aim at Alexander West is to provide superior-fitting shirts for stylish, confident individuals along with the most courteous, informative and respectful customer service. Take it from us, not every dress shirt is a dress shirt. Try one of ours, and experience the difference for yourself. - A.W.