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Testimonials from AW Customers

Adam Berry
Financial Advisor
Chicago, IL USA 07.08
I've been extremely satisfied with the shirts I've ordered.

I would say that my favorite aspect of Alexander West Shirts is the custom design. I get to choose every detail that goes into making my shirts, and they are consistently tailored to my exact specifications. Not only do the shirts look and fit amazing, but the designs are one of a kind. It's nice to have originality in a world full of cookie cutter Brooks Brothers and Banana Republic shirts.
Benjamin Collins
New York, NY USA 06.08
I was very impressed by the texture, quality and fit of my Alexander West biz shirt... my work colleagues are commenting on how good the shirts look and the dry cleaner doesn't loose my shirts anymore because my initials are sewn onto the base of the shirt.

Well done Alexander West..!
Daniel B. Hebert
Investment Banker
New York, NY USA 08.08
Buying custom shirts is a high priced luxury but Alexander West delivers great value at an affordable price. Given the vast selection of colors, designs and fabrics I was very impressed with how easy it was to order my own custom shirt. I have almost completely replaced all my old shirts with AW, not only dress shirts for work and more formal occasions but also all my sport shirts. The fit is perfect from the cuffs to the collar. I highly recommend AW shirts.
Michael J. Schanna
Private Banker
Chicago, IL USA 06.08
I could not be happier with my experience. Orders have been accurately executed and delivered; durability of the shirts has been very good as well. Always looked for a reliable custom shirt maker at reasonable cost; it found me through Alexander West.
Kevin R. Hollo
Fashion Sartorialist
Columbus, OH USA 07.08
Alexander West is a terrific option for the cost-conscious sartorialist! Before many mainstream designers were offering "slim" fit shirts, I had no luck finding shirts that fit my body-type. Even now, with slim being in, I find myself forgoing the malls for the comfort and ease of ordering from Alexander West online.

The process is painless: from entering your measurements, to choosing cuff styles, everything is very clear and easy to understand. I even received a late night call from one of their customer service reps about the accuracy of my measurements! I knew right then that this tailor was looking out for his customers and wanted his brand to garner respect on the street.

The fit of the shirts I ordered is nothing less than perfect, and they've made me a fan for life. The fabrics are top notch, the attention to detail unforgiving. I asked for an extra pair of collar stays and received half a dozen!

Definitely Impressed