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With the US Open right around the corner, we have compiled a few local places to practice our killer back-hands, ace worthy serves, slicing fore-hands, and torpedo volleys. Even if you don’t rank with the USTA these courts make you feel like a pro.

1.  Central park.  Nice clay courts.  Rules for shoes (smooth-soles)

and reserving courts are strict, but with a permit ($200) reserving is pretty easy, do it a few days in advance.  Get there 10 before the hour or they give away your court. You can reserve one court for singles for 1 hour (only one person needs a permit) or one court for  doubles for 2 hours (two people need permits).  Costs $15 to play.  Each person. Courts are open from April to November.

2.  Roosevelt Island Racquet Club.  Not that hard to get to — the F train one stop from Manhattan or the tram.  Nice, clean facility– not high end nice but very comfortable.  Rates are cheaper than the
other indoor/winter courts.  And lots of room on the court to play. No strict shoe guidelines.

3.  Sutton.  Not open in the spring/summer.  Good courts, not much facility available.  Very expensive.  Clay.  Indoor.

4.  Midtown Tennis.  Indoor, clay.  Fair and  fairly inexpensive. Not a lot of room to play, so you or your partner better have good aim.

5.  Gotham, up in the Bronx.  Plenty of hard indoor courts.

6.  Randalls Island has some courts too.  Difficult to get to, and pricey. So plan ahead.

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Mini, but necessary necessities

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With a month left of summer, we’re taking or making our last minute travel plans. Maybe it’s your first, maybe you’re still figuring out how to travel seamlessly and efficiently as possible. Every well seasoned traveler  always keeps a well stocked dopkit In their closet. For those impromptu business trips, a quick dash out of the city, or a long haul to the Andes. The best thing about a dopkit is you can stash it in your carry on. God forbid if your luggage gets lost at least you can smell great and have the necessities to freshen up.

How does one keep a well organized dopkit? Start at your local drug store and load up on the basics: mini shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, disposable razor, hand sanitizers, floss, mouth wash, etc… Nowadays you can find virtually anything in a convenient travel size. If you’re the high maintainence type, hop on over to Sephora or Ricky’s. They carry most exclusive brands and fragrances, all in an easy TSA approved sized. Next time the lady at the counter bombards you with samples, take them! You never know when they’ll come in handy. store medications in your dopkit so you know where all the essentials are.

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