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Craig Skiptunis, an AW client since January 2010, owns and manages Bistro 1018 in the charming neighborhood of Bloomingdale in uptown Manhattan.

Craig began working in kitchens and restaurants at a young age and realized that he had a talent for restaurant management and love of food.  In 2001, he opened Bistro 1018 (named for its street address on 1018 Amsterdam Avenue).

“We’re more of a neighborhood restaurant…. with our fireplace and patina’d ambiance, we’ve created a casual atmosphere that where people like to come to socialize or have business meetings over great food. Our customer’s tastes helps inform our menu, and they enjoy bistro style food that makes creative use of fresh local ingredients.”

As a benefit to our esteemed AW clients, Craig is generously offering a 20% discount on your next visit to Bistro 1018 – simply mention Alexander West when you arrive. Craig suggests trying their Braised Berkshire Pork Shoulder, served au jus with rosemary gremolata and black eyed peas.

Bistro 1018

1018 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, 10025

212-662-7600  |

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Suit: Long vs Short

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Your suit coat is probably too long. We’ve recently seen quite a few suit coats that reach to the middle of a client’s thigh. Traditionally, a suit coat’s length is determined by dividing the body in half (from neck base to shoes). The Alexander West Modern suit has a more modern length – slightly shorter than the traditional length. Our AW Modern length doesn’t let the suit coat overwhelm the body, which makes the torso look long; it extends the leg line by exposing more of the pants, thus making you look taller and skinnier.

Because every body is different, we will work with you to determine the ideal length for you when you come in for a fitting.

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