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From Sea to Shore

April 23rd, 2011

    As soon as spring hits, we begin to worry about beach agenda’s and summer shares. As taxing as the traffic getting to and from the beach, nothing is more taxing than showing off your hard worked beach body. Which swimtrunk will look flattering? How short or how long should the length be, how tight, what colors, how convenient… these are a few of the questions one ponders when selecting the appropriate beach wear. If you have Michael Phelps credentials by all means wear anything! But since we’re not all genetically blessed, a universally flattering silhouette will enhance or down play your assets and flaws. A pair of swim-trunks we found flattering is from Vilebrequin. A company with 40 years under their belt, or drawstrings for that matter answered each of our concerns. Quick drying to take you from the surfboard to the boardwalk, over 70 prints and colors to suit one’s personality, and not too short so your fellow beach goers will not wonder if you’re a transplant from Rio. Whether your summer plans include the Hamptons, or a month in Belize suit up properly and don’t forget the sunscreen.

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