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Our Summer Client Kick-Off

June 7th, 2011
    NAME: Jack Yeaton -Occupation: Entertainment Publicist -Where you're from: Boston, Massachusetts -Current city of residence: New York City (Greatest City In The World) -How do you define your weekday style vs your weekend style? There is no difference. I always look like a well-tailored academic. (AKA tossed together in five minutes but always in a blazer)
    -The one item of clothing you can't live without: A Navy Blue Blazer
    -Favorite sport: Publicity (yes, I consider a well-placed story sport)
    -Favorite athlete: Dario Franchitti
    -Favorite vacation spot: Nantucket
    -Favorite restaurant: Pastis (I’m a sucker for routine)
    -Drink of choice: Vanilla Vodka with Sprite
    -Favorite musician/band: No favorites...I have enough love for many.
    -A mantra you live by (if you have one): Be nice, it actually makes a difference.
    -Best advice you can give to a college grad: Intern as much as possible. Talk to as many people as possible. Always practice my above mantra: BE NICE.
    -One thing you would tell your (future) son about the world, about style? It’s harsh and you’ll be fine. Find yourself and you’ll find your own style.
    -If you can do it all over what would you change or not change: I would have accepted early on that you cannot change people…no matter how hard you might try.
    -Favorite movie: With Honors
    -A hero/someone you admire: People who make a difference and people who never stop trying.
    -How important is style to you? Style is an extension of oneself…thus it is extremely important to me. It should be to everyone.
    -Who taught or influenced you about style? My Aunt. She was always very connected, well dressed and never gave a shit what others thought. She is fabulous.
    -First investment piece: i.e. A Rolex, a car etc. – It was a gold Piaget watch. Classic.
    -Favorite Store? Bergdorf Goodman
    -Any fun summer plans? Trying to escape the office at 5pm…if I can accomplish that goal, it will be a good summer.
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