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Drink Up

June 8th, 2011

    Summer is officially here! The heat wave brings unwanted sweat stains, reeking city streets, congestion and the list goes on so forth. On the bright side think about all the girls in summer dresses, dynamic bar scenes, summer Fridays, outdoor bars, rooftop bars, beer gardens, summer shares, did we mention the bar scene?

    Bar scenes take on a whole new face-lift once the thermometer hits ‘outdoor.’ We took the liberty to round up some of our favorites. Favorite bar for first dates, to pick up chics… Oops meant ladies, best bar to de-stress, best for everything. If you have a few favorites, share your comments with us.

    Regardless what’s on your agenda, keep it cool, don’t make a scene, avoid ending up on page 6, and remember gray t-shirts under your dress shirts. It’s less likely to show through creating that “We can see your t-shirt silhouette.” Especially with  summer here and your summer weight dress shirts.

    Favorite Drink of Choice:Porkslap at Brinkley’s. The can alone is worth the drink!Our favorite answer: Ahm, all of them! Dream is to be locked in a liquor store overnight…where to start…

    Favorite place to unwind and de-stress Cafe select

    Favorite place to take a first date to: Tiny’s & the bar upstairs

    Favorite place to pick up girls: Boom Boom Room

    Favorite place when you don’t want to go home alone: Le Bain

    Favorite Roof Top: Gansevoort Park Avenue

    Do not despair we have the summer to keep the list going!
    Photo Courtesy of Brinkleysnyc.com

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