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What is a Sport Coat?

October 23rd, 2014
    “Sport coat may be worn on less formal occasions than a suit would be. Also, it is designed to be worn on its own, without matching trousers, and does not come as part of a suit. Styles, fabrics, colours and patterns are also more varied than in most suits; sturdier and thicker fabrics may be used, such as corduroysuededenimleather, and tweed.
    Originally, sports coats were worn as casual attire for hunting and other outdoor sports (hence the name). With time, they came to be used on more formal occasions, sometimes being used in school uniforms as at Summer Fields School in England.” – Wikipedia
    Be creative with pairing. For example, famous UK IT guy Andrew Collins pairs sport coat with jeans and orange GUNNAR glasses. May seem like an odd combination, but it looks unusual and catches attention.
    Also, we just received a set of beautiful sport coat fabrics from Europe.  You know where to find us!



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