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NEW! AW Custom Ties

October 23rd, 2014

    Were you ever frustrated with the tie being too short or too long? Did you look everywhere for the perfect slim navy matte tie? Search no further, Alexander West is launching our custom tie collection.

    In addition to choosing your tie fabric, you can also specify:

    1. Length – off the rack ties usually range between 58 and 60 inches.
    2. Width – 1.75″ modern slim tie to the traditional 3.5″ width ties
    3. Your initials on a metal link


    How Do I Determine the Correct Tie Size?

    Tie length will depend on your torso length and not necessarily on your height.

    There are three main factors to focus on, your personal style preference, body type and suit lapel width.


    Personal Preference


    1.75″ – Considered to be more fashion forward.  It is difficult to justify a tie

    less than 1.75″ since it can look out of place

     2.25″ to 2.75″ – Modern men who appreciate slim fitting (aka European cut) suits and shirts

    3″ to 3.25″ – Modern and elegant, yet not conservative

    3.5″-3.75″ –  Traditional / Conservative


    Matching Your Suit Lapel



    A rule of thumb if you are after a classic business style, is that the tie should be as wide as the lapel of the suit you are wearing it with.


    At Alexander West, we can easily match your tie width with your suit lapel width.




     Body Type

    Tie width should also consider your body type.  For example, an ultra skinny tie on a person with a 18″ neck and 48″ chest throws off the correct proportion by over emphasizing the head and upper torso.

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