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Alex West: Protect Your Tie Investment

January 20th, 2016

    Ahhh, the summer is almost over!! Only two more weeks to the official end of Summer, September 23.

    Now that you will be getting back to “work” mode, picking out your morning ties will be necessary. We have prepared a brief tip-sheet on how to take care of your neckwear investment.

    Also, we are officially introducing our custom bow tie and tie collection – more info on that below…


    Wrinkles form for a few reasons: incorrect untying of knot, too tight of a knot and/or improper storage.

    1. Untying – To take off a tie, just reverse the steps of putting it on. Spend a few extra seconds to patiently untie it.

    2. Tight Knot – You are not tying a boat to the dock. Keep the tie knot loose and gentle.

    3. Storage – When storing a necktie, you need to consider the tie’s fabric.

    Silk – If it’s silk, hang it up. Gravity will allow silk to relax and smooth itself out. An example of tie rack is below.

    Cotton, Wool and Knit – For these fabrics, it is best to roll them up and store them away in a drawer or a box (picture below). Unlike silk ties, gravity may actually damage the ties, making them lose their fresh, crisp look.


    How many times have you had to re-do your tie in the morning bc it was either too short or too long? You will save a lot of headache and time by having the correct length.

    We now offer three main knot styles. Milano is more appropriate with full Windsor or half windsor tie knots and Nouveau and Classic is more appropriate if you want a simple four-hand tie know. All ties can be adjusted for length and width.

    We have 5 different bowtie styles to choose. We call the “A” bowtie, the Tom Ford for its dramatic affair. “E” bowtie is modern and simple.

    We have over 200 silk fabrics in stock. All neckwear and pocket squares are made in New York city.

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