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Non-Traditional Tuxedos + Suits

April 22nd, 2016

    Recently, we have noticed a lot of our clients looking for suits/tuxedos for wedding and banquets.  We are all familiar with the classic black and white tuxes and dark suits but if you want to stand out, we have gathered some unique looks below.

    AW in Action

    Recently, we had the pleasure of making wedding suits for the whole groomsmen party. The groom wanted everyone to have a different colored suit, so they could be worn after the wedding. We decided on medium blue and light gray color bases so the suits would not be confused with work suits.


    Another one of our clients, Mark A., recently made a three-piece classic suit for his wedding in Wisconsin. Vest will definitely jazz up the ensemble. Congrats Mark!


    This blue tux with a shawl lapel has been popularized by the James Bond movies.
    Colored tuxedo with a black peak lapel is another nice twist to traditional colors.


    This black tuxedo is a bit more unique due to the satin notch lapel.


    I really like the well coordinated ensemble of bow tie, three-piece medium blue suit, and flowers.

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