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Ways to Wear Linen

April 22nd, 2016

    Linen is an airy and delicate weave made from flax plant fibers. It’s breathable, absorbent, and the slightly rumpled aesthetic is a hallmark of summer style. Need ideas on how to wear some staple linen pieces?

    Short-sleeve: Keep it casual by pairing it with shorts, denim, or over swimming trunks for days spent outdoor. The shirt can be fitted or slightly billowy based on your preference, and feel free to leave a few buttons undone to help cool off.

    Long-sleeve: Mix up your pant fabric for textural contrast and added depth. For example, if you go with long sleeves, wear cotton chinos. These look great in colors, such as pastels or shades of green or blue.

    Jacket: A linen jacket works well for when you need to be a bit more dressed up, but a suit is not required. Similar to the long-sleeve shirt, mix your fabrics. Try a cotton t-shirt and denim with your linen jacket.

    Suit: A linen suit is a great option for a summer wedding, especially in earth tone colors such as cream, beige, or navy. Linen blended with another material, like cotton or silk, will help keep your suit from wrinkling too much. The suit should be tailored.

    If you want these linen looks (or many more), come visit us at the showroom.

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