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The Finishing Touches

August 4th, 2016
    Accessories are the finishing touches to a tailored look, and swapping them out can make your suit look different between wears.

    Ties: If wearing a black or navy suit with a white dress shirt for a formal function, a solid tie is best. For more informal events or a day in the office, go for patterns such as dots or stripes. Keep color combinations to a max of four, and have the colors complement the suit and shirt.

    Bowties: This accessory is making a comeback in popularity as a symbol of smart dressing. For formal occasions, pick a solid silk or solid velvet bowtie in a dark color. For daytime wear, go with something fun and patterned, but grounded in darker tones to avoid looking immature. As with ties, make sure the colors go well with the rest of the outfit.

    Pocket squares: This is a great way to add color and character to your jacket. Go for silk or cotton, and unless it's a formal event, opt for a variety of patterns and styles. To be more casual, choose something more patterned or wear your outfit without a tie. If you do choose to wear both a pocket square and tie, make sure the colors and patterns are complementary but not matching.

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