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Press: Learn About Dress Shirts from

October 22nd, 2009

    Carolyn Bigda, "The Frugal Connoisseur" of CNNmoney, is known for reporting ways to spend your money more economically and "how to get the good life for good value." She is the expert when it comes to savings and has written countless reports from buying a great bottle of wine for an affordable price to knowing how to cut down your spending.

    In one of her recent reports, she mentions Alexander West having "nice mens dress shirts for good value."

    In the video, AW mentions several simple ways to identify a high quality shirt; which includes checking removable-collar stays, stitches-per-inch and pattern matching.  A removable-collar stay is important to consider because it keeps the collar looking straight. Stitches-per-inch can be identified by the fineness of the stitching.  The closer the stitch, the finer it is compared to most off-the-rack shirts. Pattern matching, mainly on the shoulders/sleeves and sleeve placket, is also important when selecting a dress shirt. It gives it a much cleaner look. You can learn more about finding the perfect dress shirt for yourself at AW Style Guide Website.

    To watch another video by "The Frugal Connoisseur," click here.

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