Midnight in Paris

June 1st, 2011
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    If you’ve never been to Paris, Midnight in Paris will take you there and beyond. 
    The city of lights, the city of enchantment. Woody Allen captures all the allures and reasons why Paris is dubbed the city of excitement and wonderment. Woody Allen takes takes the audience for another one of his fabled twists and turns, leaving us to chase around the main character down a rabbit hole. In this case, down St. Germain to leave behind or to begin what we want to escape to and from.
    A star studded cast adds amusement and humor to Owen Wilson’s character longing for answers.
    For  lovers of art and literature, Midnight in Paris clearly reminds us why we love these genres time after time.
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    The Client List…

    May 24th, 2011
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      You know that old saying “Behind every great man, is a greater woman.”
      At Alexander West, we’d like to think “Behind every great shirt, is an intriguing man.” While there may be popular best seller shirts, no customer is alike.  From careers, style, personal interest, and hobbies, each client is unique as a Zebra’s stripes. AW kicks off the summer with its “personal and inquisitive” client profile. Profiling a different client each week and sharing with our audience the intrigue behind the AW clientele.

      So, before you start planning your Memorial Day barbecue menu, our first profile sends us off for the holiday weekend with something to think about. Share your personal interests with us, or if you can find Mr. Sperduti’s drink of choice, let us know!

      Anthony Sperduti
      -Occupation – Creative Director
      -Where you’re from-Buffalo NY
      -Current city of residence- New York, New York
      -How do you define your weekday style vs your weekend style?
      I have pants on during weekdays, weekends – sometimes?
      -The one item of clothing you can’t live without? -oxford shirt
      -Favorite vacation spot- Spain
      -Favorite sport-Drinking
      -Favorite restaurant- Il Buco
      -Drink of choice- White Owl Japanese Beer
      -Favorite musician/band- Too hard to say
      -A mantra you live by (if you have one)- Better to apologize then ask permission
      -Best advice you can give to a college grad – In these times? Have wealthy parents
      -If you can do it all over what would you change or not change:
      I would have been either cooler in high school, or more comfortable with not being cool
      -A hero/someone you admire –I like Julian Schnabel
      -How important is style to you?- Very
      -Favorite movie- Goodfellas
      -Who taught or influenced you about style? – My business partner Andy Spade
      -First investment piece: i.e. A Rolex, a car etc. . . – Vintage Rolex – felt like I was a new man with a watch on my wrist
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      May 11th, 2011
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        Women in their Fifth Avenue best and men slick as the Chrysler building all convened promptly at Sotheby’s on York Avenue. Like NYC’s Fashion Week, the crowds are intimidating but the aura a bit more refined with whispers of Jeff Koons, Frank Stella, Sam Francis, Warhol, and Lichtenstein penetrated the air. Dealers, curators, collectors alike dutifully took their seats with tickets and catalog in hand. A large flat screen shows the auctioneers desk at the third floor viewing room, while the main floor cautiously sets up for the first lot to be sold.

        The Contemporary Art evening began with Rudolf Stingel, Untitled 1956 and made its way through 60 featuring notable works of art by Cindy Sherman, William DeKooning, Frank Stella, and Jean-Michel Basquiat to list a few.  An impressive bid of $16million dollars for Jeff Koons Pink Panther sculpture, while Warhol racks in a not too shabby $18 million for his Sixteen Jackies on silkscreen. The room was well mannered with  breaks of controlled laughter  from the auctioneers modest comments as he waved his arms like a conductor orchestrating a tight ensemble.  Dignitaries and aficionados from around the world kept their eyes on fellow bidders while their eyes moved around like a wall clock with large cat eyes. Even if you’re not a collector, this is one NY experience to encounter.  A combination of high fashion, high art, controlled humor and the only thing that’s loose is the sound of dollars fluctuating across the room.

        For more information go to www.sothebys.com

        Photo courtesy of Sotheby’s

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        All the Right Notes

        May 9th, 2011
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          It’s difficult to find a venue or a restaurant where one can ease into the evening without feeling rushed. Pay the check, hail a cab, who’s got the tickets, is there time for dessert, will there be a bar… common questions busy city dwellers ask when you plan an evening involving a show.  Luckily we stumbled upon City Winery edging at the border of Tribeca. City Winery is founded by Michael Dorf, the mastermind behind The Knitting Factory. Infusing his passion for wines and music this venue certainly hits the right notes on many levels.

          Set prominently on the corner of Varick Street, this spacious yet rustic venue boasts a cross between a rustic farm and an earthy urban loft. With 21,000 square feet, they certainly take advantage of every space. From private events, to concerts, one can even own their own barrel and bottle your own wine.  Have no fear, classes and instructions are facilitated by their expert wine makers who will guide you from grape varietals to fermentation catered to your own schedule.

          Whether you’re in the mood for Cabernet or Merlot while listening to souful R&B legends or to edgy folk artists, City Winery covers every concern; food check, drinks check, dessert check, tickets….don’t even worry, just reserve and show up. Come early to discuss current events or to savor over delectable small plates before the show. Yes, you can even order during the show.

          Go to www.citywinery.com

          Photo courtesy of City Winery

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          In the Heat of Time

          April 26th, 2011
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            Under the rule of King James, the Golden Age continued to flourish in the richness of art and literature. Foreign policy was his strength as he proudly exemplified skilled diplomacy. As history is known to repeat itself Le Bron James, also known as “King James” does just about the same but with a bit more flare. Celebrated for his achievements both on and off the court, Le Bron James adds new meaning to diplomacy.
            As the new brand ambassador to Audemars Piguet, Le Bron James collaborates to create a very special limited edition watch. Future auction proceeds from this watch will be donated to the LeBron James Family Foundation. Both names are heralded for their unwavering excellence in technicality, achievement and philanthropy. If adding heat to Miami wasn’t enough, King James just made time meaningful and well spent.  Whether or not Miami Heat torches the NBA playoffs with their King in reign, fans and watch enthusiasts alike can keep an eye on the clock (or watch) for the best throw at the top of the key.
            Go to http://www.audemarspiguet.com
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            From Sea to Shore

            April 23rd, 2011
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              As soon as spring hits, we begin to worry about beach agenda’s and summer shares. As taxing as the traffic getting to and from the beach, nothing is more taxing than showing off your hard worked beach body. Which swimtrunk will look flattering? How short or how long should the length be, how tight, what colors, how convenient… these are a few of the questions one ponders when selecting the appropriate beach wear. If you have Michael Phelps credentials by all means wear anything! But since we’re not all genetically blessed, a universally flattering silhouette will enhance or down play your assets and flaws. A pair of swim-trunks we found flattering is from Vilebrequin. A company with 40 years under their belt, or drawstrings for that matter answered each of our concerns. Quick drying to take you from the surfboard to the boardwalk, over 70 prints and colors to suit one’s personality, and not too short so your fellow beach goers will not wonder if you’re a transplant from Rio. Whether your summer plans include the Hamptons, or a month in Belize suit up properly and don’t forget the sunscreen.

              Go to http://www.vilebrequinonlinestore.com

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              Timeless Blues

              April 11th, 2011
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                Levi Strauss & Co. has been around since the late 1800’s. The distinctive red tab generations of people are familiar with, continues to reach people of varied age groups and personal style. The Original 501’s remain their best seller thanks to its timeless fit. This is the jean your dad wore growing up, it’s reliable, durable and will surely out live your iphone.

                Button fly, straight through the seat, thigh and leg, this jean becomes a closet staple. One can’t go wrong with a classic straight leg. The 501 is suitable for casual Friday’s. Modest, but never frumpy, not too skinny so no one will mistake you for an intern. This is the reliable jean to pack for any trip, to wine and dine friends, to running weekend errands while cruising all over town. It’s classic proportions pairs well with oxfords, sweaters, t-shirts, and throw on a sports jacket, and you’re well on your way to meet the parents.

                Go to www.levi.com

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                Reliable Joe

                April 7th, 2011
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                  With more and more people turning to home-made basics, why shouldn’t your coffee be. Give your Starbucks swiping credit card a break and have a cup of Joe in the comforts of your own home. The De’Lonhgi Gran Dama Avant Super Automatic Espresso Machine can sit sleek on any counter top of any bachelor pad or office. Whether you’re a morning coffee drinker, or an afternoon coffee drinker, this espresso machine covers all your caffeine needs: espresso’s, latte’s, macchiato’s, au laits, to cappuccino’s. So unless you have a crush on your barista, the Gran Dama will impress your guests, lady friend/s, or visiting clients. Everyone needs a reliable Joe at every hour.

                  Go to www.shopdelonghi.com

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                  Guitar Heroes

                  April 4th, 2011
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                    This is one Guitar Hero game impossible to beat. The Metropolitan Museum currently displays centuries of quintessential guitars in a dazzling array for any guitar and musical enthusiast to savor and enjoy. From lyre’s, mandolins, to the more modern day contemporaries, this exhibit illustrates the transformation of one of the most celebrated instruments. From intricate inlay wood, combining ivory and mother of pearl, this is one guitar best to “air guitar” to and imagine. Unplug the Playstation, give your band-mates a break, and tune into some history at The Met. This may leave you inspired and maybe you’ll be writing Shakespearean sonnets against a lyre.

                    Go to www.metmuseum.org

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                    Press: Details Magazine

                    January 16th, 2011
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                      AW in February 2011 Details Magazine

                      Alexander West was named on of the best custom dress shirt companies on the web!  Thanks Details!

                      Press: Urban Daddy Weekender

                      December 23rd, 2010
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                        Pop-Up Flea November 19-21

                        November 18th, 2010
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                          The third annual ‘Pop-Up’ Flea will take place this year in the Open House Gallery in Nolita.  Alexander West will be one of many high-end Menswear designers showcasing their items and setting up shop.  We will be there servicing your every custom shirt need!

                          Stop by to see our special deals!

                          Times and dates are as follows:

                          Location: 201 Mulberry Street (between Spring and Kenmare)

                          Friday, 11/19, 3 – 9 pm
                          Saturday, 11/20, 11 am – 7 pm
                          Sunday, 11/21:  11 am – 6 pm

                          Vendors include: Oak Street Bootmakers, J.W Hulme, Levi’s Vintage Clothing, L.L. Bean Signature, Smith + Butler, Tellason, Billykirk, Aether, Tanner Goods, Scout Original, Wooden Sleepers, Riviera Club, Alexander Olch, Gant, Oliver Spencer, The Hill-Side / Hickoree’s Hard Goods, Grown & Sewn, Stanley & Sons, J.Crew, Gitman Brothers Vintage, Schott NYC, Digby & Iona,  Leather Head / Lemon Ball and more!

                          Looking forward to seeing you there!  Please click here for more information.

                          Press: Oliver Stone Rings Opening Bell for Wall Street Movie

                          October 16th, 2010
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                            We are thrilled to announce director Oliver Stone was caught in an Alexander West custom dress shirt during the Wall Street Movie Premiere right here in New York City. The NYSE invited the entire cast to ring the opening bell on the movie’s opening day. Stay tuned for more Alexander West celebrity sightings to come.



                            Press: CNN Money.com

                            October 15th, 2010
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                              AWest CNNMoney 10-15-10_1

                              Alexander West was mentioned in CNN Money.com today as one of the most practical and affordable options for  buying a custom dress shirt!  We were quoted in stressing the importance of fit most of all when surveying your dress shirt options.    You can never go wrong with a custom shirt from AW!

                              Style Guide: Color Psychology

                              September 7th, 2010
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                                Color is an important element when choosing the right shirt. According to color theory, every color sends different messages; therefore if you are aiming for a certain message we suggest that you wear a specific color.  Colors can also affect your mood and your energy, so it will impact how others view you.  Below, you will find meanings behind some popular colors.

                                Red represents power, passion, and authority. Red is demanding, exciting and energetic; it portrays confidence and control. Firefighters wear red, projecting power and control. If attention is what you seek, red is the color for you.  In business, red is best utilized as a tie with a white or blue shirt.

                                Blue resonates honesty, dependability and organization. You will note many bankers and lawyers wear blue shirts as it represents order and efficiency.  Policemen wear blue uniforms as it represents law and order.  Blue is and always will be most popular color next to white and it is common to have many different shades of blue in the closet.

                                Black portrays authority, wealth, and professionalism.  Judges wear black as it commands respect and authority.  Black looks good on most people but people with fair skin and light hair should avoid black as it can overwhelm their face.

                                White represents purity and cleanliness. Nurses and doctors wear white to give a sense of stability and safety.  Brides wear white to express their purity and faithfulness. It is also the ideal color in hot climates as it deflects light and heat.

                                Yellow symbolizes relaxation, wisdom, learning and happiness.  Strong or saturated yellow will grab the viewer’s attention, thus it is used for hazardous and warning-signs.  It also symbolizes hope and it works best as a companion to another color.

                                Purple demonstrates creativity, royalty and extravagance. It is a mysterious color that is both masculine and feminine.  Many people in the creative field seek out purple or lavender colors.

                                Green represents tranquility, reassurance, life  and nature. It is also said that time moves faster in a green room.

                                Pink represents interest, fun and compassion. Though not the most powerful color when standing alone, it does give authority when combined with another. Darker shades of pink add more strength.  A man in pink is a confident man!

                                Gray signifies sincerity, respect, conservatism and balance. It is also a sophisticated color and often worn as a uniform for business. Soldiers usually wear this color to show strength and for camouflage.

                                Press: The Queens Ledger

                                August 23rd, 2010
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                                  One of New York’s longest running local newspapers THE QUEENS LEDGER has written a phenomenal review about Alexander West.  The paper which covers 6 neighborhoods in Queens and 2 in Brooklyn has featured AW in their ‘hot local designer’ spotlight for the Long Island City/Queens area.  The review includes the in and outs of how to order and build your wardrobe AW style.  Click here to read all about it!

                                  Press: Town & Country

                                  August 11th, 2010
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                                    A.West Town&Country Sept_EditAlexander West was highlighted in this month’s Town and Country Magazine as one of the top places to shop in the new Limelight Marketplace.  Our Limelight Showroom location has been an enormous success!  We hope to bring more top quality custom dress shirts to our new, highly multiplying clientele!  Pick up an issue this month to read all about it!


                                    Press: A Continuous Lean

                                    July 23rd, 2010
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                                      A Continuous Lean, a men’s blog about all things fashion and style, included an Alexander West gingham shirt with the flap pocket in the beach bag for “that summer look“.  See what’s in the ‘must have’ beach bag for the summer according to A Continuous Lean.  Click here to read all about it!

                                      Press: US Weekly with Kevin Alejandro

                                      July 15th, 2010
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                                        Actor Kevin Alejandro was spotted by US Weekly in an Alexander West custom dress shirt at the Twilight Movie Premiere in Los Angeles this week.  He does have good taste indeed!

                                        Press: Rebel Mom

                                        June 14th, 2010
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                                          Happy Father’s Day from Alexander West!  Rebel Mom, the blog for “hip” mom life after the reality of children sets in mentioned us in her Father’s Day Gift Guide!

                                          A gift card from Alexander West is a sure way to keep him looking his best!  Click here to read all about it.

                                          Style Guide: Face Color Contrast

                                          May 15th, 2010
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                                            Face Color Contrast is the degree of color difference between your skin and your hair color. Black hair and white skin have the highest contrast level, while blonde hair and fair skin have the lowest contrast level. To look your best, you want to connect your face contrast level features with the clothes you are wearing. If you are high contrast, high contrasting clothes would suit you best because it creates a cohesive unit between your face and your clothes.

                                            LOW CONTRAST (A)

                                            (Figure A) Has a low contrast level because of his light skin and light hair color. This means that a low contrast shirt would fit him best. The dark blue striped shirt has a high contrast and takes away attention from his face. All the focus would be on the high contrast blue striped shirt. The light blue checkered shirt has low contrast and forms a harmonious blend with his face.

                                            HIGH CONTRAST (B)

                                            (Figure B) Has a high contrast level, because of his dark hair and skin color; therefore he should wear a high contrast shirt. The low contrast shirt, on the right, looks dull and drains the color from his face. Since we want the attention on his face, he would look best with the dark stripes, which compliments his hair and skin tone.

                                            Examples of High Contrast and Low Contrast For Patterned Shirts

                                            The patterned shirts on the left are high contrast while the shirts on the right are low contrast. You can distinguish the difference by comparing the background color of the shirt and the color of the patterns. If the background and pattern have similiar tones they are low contrast, but if they have a noticeable difference they are high contrast. For example, the bottom left shirt is high contrast because its background color is brown and the checks are white. The bottom right shirt is low contrast because its background color is white and the checks are tan and light blue.

                                            High Contrast                         Low Contrast

                                            Solid Shirts for High Contrast and Low Contrast

                                            White is a neutral color that looks good on all face color contrasts. High contrast face is best suited with darker colors, such as black, dark blue and red. Light contrast face is best suited with light blue, and yellow. This way the face and shirt tones blend and do not surprass one another. Shirts on the left are high contrast, while shirts on the right are low contrast.

                                            Written by Giselle Diaz

                                            Press: USA Today

                                            May 7th, 2010
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                                              Alexander West has made life easier for you when ordering custom shirts.  Please visit us at our new “no appointment”, walk-in showroom in the recently renovated Limelight Marketplace.  We’re on the 1st floor in the Festival of Shops.  USA Today has covered the Limelight in their Lifestyle Section.  Click here to see AW in USA Today!

                                              Press: The Choosy Beggar

                                              May 6th, 2010
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                                                The Choosy Beggar gave Alexander West a glowing review and claimed that the custom dress shirt he received  “Fits like a glove out of the box and unpressed — Instant confidence”.     The Choosy Beggar also gave us props for the “Double stitching — 18 stitches per inch — around the armholes for maximum strength” and our 2mm thick Mother-of-Pearl buttons.

                                                He called himself a “happy camper” when testing out our custom fit dress shirt for the first time.  Now, he’s hooked on AW.

                                                Pointing out a few of our many outstanding aesthetics of our quality dress shirts, TCB rated us top dog.

                                                Click here to get the full story.

                                                Press: 189.com & Kempt

                                                March 17th, 2010
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                                                  One Eight Nine, or commonly known as OEN or 189.com was so impressed with the AW Anatomy of a Shirt blog (3.1.10), that they featured it in the Fashion section of their blog.   189.com is well rounded editorial blog covering fashion, design, media and all things creative.

                                                  Kempt.com, a blog on men’s style, fashion and grooming called us one of their “favorites” and encouraged their loyal readers to check out our Anatomy of A Shirt posting on the AW blog posted on 3.1.10.

                                                  We are flattered and will continue to  share our shirt knowledge with the people.  Thanks for helping us spread the word!

                                                  Stay tuned for more AW shirt education coming your way.

                                                  Press: Made to Measure

                                                  March 15th, 2010
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                                                    Made to Measure, a menswear/photography blog with advice on how men can look their best while remaining budget conscious has raved about our Spring line up.   They featured some of their favorite prints and fabrics as they called us a “wise investment”.

                                                    Also in their article there are links to order from us online and information on how to make an appointment to be measured by our sales consultants.

                                                    Click here to read the post.

                                                    Bespoke Dress Up: Volume 6

                                                    March 9th, 2010
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