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Style Guide: Color Psychology

September 7th, 2010 Comments off

Color is an important element when choosing the right shirt. According to color theory, every color sends different messages; therefore if you are aiming for a certain message we suggest that you wear a specific color.  Colors can also affect your mood and your energy, so it will impact how others view you.  Below, you will find meanings behind some popular colors.

Red represents power, passion, and authority. Red is demanding, exciting and energetic; it portrays confidence and control. Firefighters wear red, projecting power and control. If attention is what you seek, red is the color for you.  In business, red is best utilized as a tie with a white or blue shirt.

Blue resonates honesty, dependability and organization. You will note many bankers and lawyers wear blue shirts as it represents order and efficiency.  Policemen wear blue uniforms as it represents law and order.  Blue is and always will be most popular color next to white and it is common to have many different shades of blue in the closet.

Black portrays authority, wealth, and professionalism.  Judges wear black as it commands respect and authority.  Black looks good on most people but people with fair skin and light hair should avoid black as it can overwhelm their face.

White represents purity and cleanliness. Nurses and doctors wear white to give a sense of stability and safety.  Brides wear white to express their purity and faithfulness. It is also the ideal color in hot climates as it deflects light and heat.

Yellow symbolizes relaxation, wisdom, learning and happiness.  Strong or saturated yellow will grab the viewer’s attention, thus it is used for hazardous and warning-signs.  It also symbolizes hope and it works best as a companion to another color.

Purple demonstrates creativity, royalty and extravagance. It is a mysterious color that is both masculine and feminine.  Many people in the creative field seek out purple or lavender colors.

Green represents tranquility, reassurance, life  and nature. It is also said that time moves faster in a green room.

Pink represents interest, fun and compassion. Though not the most powerful color when standing alone, it does give authority when combined with another. Darker shades of pink add more strength.  A man in pink is a confident man!

Gray signifies sincerity, respect, conservatism and balance. It is also a sophisticated color and often worn as a uniform for business. Soldiers usually wear this color to show strength and for camouflage.