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Bespoke Dress-Up, Vol.3 June 2009

June 1st, 2009 Comments off
Happy Flag Day! Happy Father's Day! Summer is officially knocking on your door. AW encourages you to embrace the humidity and enjoy your 4th of July.  Bespoke Dress Up, the Alexander West Newsletter, has great news -  we have added new cuff links and linen fabrics for the summer, and our tuxedo shirt debuted at Cannes.  We also have another issue of our Style Guide entitled "Know Your Fabric Weaves" and an excellent gift idea from John Allan's for Father's Day. New:Cuff Links and Summer Linen Fabrics Alexander West is offering a new selection of cuff links and linen fabrics for Summer 2009.  The beautiful glass, semi-precious stones and distinctive metal finishes make this new cuff link  collection is the most beautiful we have had at Alexander West. Our Kaleidoscope cuff links are made of Dichroic "Firestone" Glass, which combines luminous colors and otherworldly textures into a landscape of unexpected mystery.Our new linen collection has 41 beautiful fabrics in checks, stripes and solids.  True linen has always been a labor intensive fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. It is a staple in hot climates because of its exceptional cool and fresh effect.  Now it is a staple at Alexander West. Alexander West Style Guide: Know Your Fabric Weaves Of all the shirting fabrics that are used in the world, the mighty cotton is King.  Cotton is most commonly used because of its breathability, texture, absorbency, and durability but not all cotton fabrics are the same.  The appearance and feel of fabric is affected by the quality of the cotton as well as the weave. Do you know the difference between a poplin and a twill weave?  For descriptions and recommendations to help you navigate your choices, click on the image. Alexander West's Latest Celebrity Sighting In May 2009, actor BJ Novak, aka Ryan from "The Office", wore an Alexander West Tuxedo Shirt to the premier of his new movie "Inglourious Basterds" at the Cannes International Film Festival. Happy Father's Day- Celebrate at John Allan's Celebrate Father's Day with their signature "Full Service"  treatment from John Allan's, an exclusive men's salon in New York City and Chicago.  Both of you can go and have a scalp massaging shampoo, conditioning treatment, hot towel, haircut, manicure, shoe shine and a beverage.  Friends of Alexander West will receive the "Full Service" package for a special introductory rate of $38, regularly $65.  Click on  the image to read more about John Allan's. Alexander West Gift Cards are also great gift ideas. As summer swings into gear do not forget that you need to dress to impress at all the barbecues (and weddings) of your friends, family and frenemies alike. Once again you will be the best dressed guy and the most knowledgeable on random bits of shirt trivia.  All we ask is that you restrain yourself from approaching others to discuss the superiority of your shirt to his. Humility is best! Sincerely, Keisha Alexander West LLC